I’m a foreign player

You’re a foreign player and you’ve just arrived to France ? Welcome !

Maybe you are here for some years now ? Don’t hesitate to have a look at the website and the pages written in French.

In both cases, if you want to know more about Dual Career management, about studies in France, about opportunities, you are in the right place !

You will find more information about :

  • “Mon compte de formation” : an account where you accumulate some credits as an employee in France that you can use to pay courses and degrees.
  • Courses and degrees taught in english language
  • Tips and useful links to improve your french


What is the ``CPF``

The “Compte personnel de formation” (i.e. ‘personal training account’) was created in order to provide training opportunities throughout an employee’s professional life in France, encouraging everyone to undertake training or study throughout their working life until retirement age.

The CPF is made available to employees working in the private sector and job seekers. If you have a working contract of professional players you are entitled to have a “Compte personnel de formation”.

How much I will earn on this account ?

From 1 January 2019, the CPF rights for which each employee from the private sector is shown in euros, and no longer in hours. 2019 will be a transitional period, during which the CPF account will be credited with a maximum amount of € 360 for a full-time job.

From 2020, the account will be fed each year with  €500

To find out the cumulative amount on your CPF, you have to activate and create your account. This sum of money can only financiate trainings and courses.

How does it work ?

  1. Create your “Compte personnel de formation ” (i.e. ‘personal training account’) online. You will need you French social security number. The procedure is quite easy. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you struggle to do it.
  2. Check the amount you are entitled to.
  3. Choose a qualifying course. For example you can use the CPF to undertake a french language training course as long as it results in a certification found in the RNCP ‘s list.
  4. Enjoy your course.


Let’s be honest. France is not the best country to study courses or degrees taught in english. Moreover, compared to other country (especially northern countries) studying in France can be quite expensive (although some financial help from the club or from the CPF exist). Don’t hesitate to look some options of online degrees in your respective country.

However, we have been working on some options. Let’s see what we can offer you :




Johan Cruyff Institute

We are happy to inform you that we got an agreement with the Johan Cruyff institute. The Johan Cruyff Institute educates athletes, sport and business professionals to become Leaders in Sport Management.

All AJPH members can access a number of courses (in english OR spanish) with some discounts.

  • Specialized courses and Fundamentals: 💰 10% discount | discount code: (ask us)
  • Online and Blended Masters and Postgraduate Diplomas 💰 20% discount | discount code (ask us)

You can find all the academic programs here https://johancruyffinstitute.com/en/academic-programs/

Business Manager Unit - Toulouse Business School

The Business Manager Program is open to all top athletes

with a high school diploma and 5 years of professional experience

or a 2-year degree in higher education with 3 years of professional experience

This Diploma is registered at France’s RNCP (National Registration of Professional Certifications) Level II (FR) / Level 6 (EU)

Duration : 9 months
Language : English or French
Campus : Toulouse (FR)
Rythm : Part-time blended

90% on remote sessions with 3 face-to-face in Toulouse Campus designed around teachers and students sharing professional experience

Between 6 and 8 hours of training
per week

Open classrooms

Open Classrooms is an online school,  They offered few 100% English taught degrees (many in web development) The certificates they delivered are recognised by a french national title (RNCP).

For instance:


Usually, the club will offer your French courses to learn our language. However, if you want to spend more time learning French, you can use these free resources online


Don’t hesitate to contact us to have more information.

You can contact Anne-Laure (in english, french or spanish) :  +33 6 07 94 76 38 or annelaure.michel@ajph.fr